Salty Dog Pictures was founded in 2013 by Director and Producer team, Clifford Parrott and Deirdre Barry. The studio was set up to develop, finance and produce original animation and live action programming, as well as to work with international partners on co-productions and service work.

Clifford Parrott

Clifford began his animation career in 1999. Based in Los Angeles until 2007, he wrote, directed, produced and animated projects for many studios including Disney, Renegade Animation/Cartoon Network, Comedy Central and Revolution Studios. As founder of Banga U.E. Animation, he produced for notable clients such as Adam  Sandler, Damon Wayans, Dana Carvey and Sherwood Schwartz. Clifford founded his Dublin-based Magpie 6 Media since 2008, producing, developing, writing, directing and co-producing.

     Deirdre Barry

Deirdre has been in the industry for 19 years, developing, producing and distributing both live action and animation programming. Deirdre began her career in Los Angeles (HBO/Firstlook Pictures) and most recently was Head of Production, Co-Production and Acquisitions for Dublin-based Monster Entertainment.


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