Salty Dog Pictures Trainee Programme.

Salty Dog Pictures was founded in 2013 by Director and Producer team Clifford Parrott and Deirdre Barry. Salty Dog Pictures opened a new studio location in Ennis Co Clare in 2018, looking to acquire new and emerging talent in the Mid West region. Salty Dog’s trainee programme’s purpose is to find and train talented artists looking to get a foothold in the growing Irish animation industry. The trainee programme is open to qualified third level students and recent graduates.

Since the trainee programme began this spring, it has attracted trainees from a variety of different backgrounds. The programme offers structured learning in a fully operational animation studio over a 10-12 week duration. The programme ensures trainees develop and acquire both the soft and hard skills essential to gaining a foothold within the animation sector. Fundamental topics as diverse as key animation concepts and theory, software packages, communication and collaborative practices along with production pipelines and techniques are covered. The course also opens and creates new horizons through establishing professional and personal contacts for the trainee within the animation community in Ireland. New and exciting career paths and options become available to the trainee post training.

Salty Dog Pictures along with Animation Skillnet also runs a series of Flash (Animate CC) bootcamp courses throughout the year. These will teach attendees how to animate in Flash (Animate CC) like a pro. Participants will get instruction and hands on experience in workshops covering essential topics such as Scene Prep/Digital Layout,  Character Rigging,  Key Posing and Inbetweening. These workshops are aimed at students or professionals who already have an understanding and working knowledge of Flash/ToonBoom Harmony and a familiarity with the core concepts of animation.








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